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Concert Photography – FELICITY

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My friend asked me to photograph his band FELICITY at their recent show at Bombshell’s Tavern in Orlando, so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try out…


Photography from Leu Gardens

| Photography | No Comments

I wanted to get in some photography practice with my new Canon Rebel T3i, so my girlfriend and I went for a stroll through Orlando’s Leu Gardens today. It’s hard…

30 Days of Design: Series Recap

| 3D, A Design a Day, Announcements, Apparel, Logo, Motion, Video | No Comments
It's hard to believe my 30 Days of Design challenge is already over! I'm happy to say that despite a few close-calls and a semi-neglected social life that I was...

Daily Design Day 30: Wisdom Tooth

| A Design a Day | No Comments

It’s hard to believe that it’s day 30 of my ’30 Days of Design’ series already. Challenging myself to come up with a new design every day has been a…

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